Shamanic Ayahuasca Workshops

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Shamanic Workshop / Retreat: The Shamanic Workshop / Retreat helps guests achieve spiritual transformation through jungle shamanism, mysticism, and personal experience. Guests participate in shamanic ceremonies with local shamans (curanderos ayahuasqueros) in which they have the opportunity to drink the sacred visionary plant Ayahuasca (also known as Yage).

Through personal experience, the world of Spirit is unveiled providing transformation and personal growth. The individual attention that each person receives creates an atmosphere of caring and unconditional love as they progress on their spiritual path.

The ceremonies, which include the ingestion of the sacred visionary teacher plant Ayahuasca or Yage, open the consciousness of the participant and unveil the spirtual world. This powerful and sacred medicine cleanses the body and spirit. In ceremony, the shaman (curandero) sings icaros (medicine songs) and plays the shacapa (a leaf instrument) to call in the spirits that will help the participant achieve personal transformation.
Don Alberto blessing a medicine tree after taking some bark for an Ayahuasca dieta

ayahuasca vine at Blue Morpho

Click here to view 7 day Shamanic Workshop Sample Itinerary.

Workshop Activities: Participation in workshop activities and ceremonies are voluntary.

Shamanism Workshop Activity and Ceremony List:
  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Master Shaman Don Alberto Torres Davila: Experience the mystery and transformational power of sacred traditional rituals including the use of sacred visionary medicinal plants. The ceremony of Ayahuasca will purify and teach the guest through journeys into the realm of Spirit.
  • Discussion of Universal Spirituality: Universal spiritual understanding brings resolution to psychological issues. As Universal awakening occurs your, very understanding of the universe will be redefined. These discussions help gueststo gain deeper knowledge of the powerful energetic changes they are experiencing.
  • Discussion and Identification of Medicinal Plants: Learn about the amazing properties of the indigenous flora. The Amazon is home to thousands of medicinal plants used by the locals to cure many illnesses ranging from headaches to cancer.
  • Shamanic Dieting: The shamanic diet is the means of apprenticing in the jungle. By going through a series of purifications that involve limiting the ingestion of certain foods during the agreed upon duration of the diet, the apprentice shaman learn directly from the medicinal plants being studied. That plant medicine is ingested at the beginning of the diet and then meditated on throughout the diet. In the dream space the doctor spirits visit and pass on timeless healing knowledge.
  • Shamanic Journey Practice: Experience out-of-body journeys to connect with power animals, spirit guides, and guardian angels. Harness their powerful healing capabilities to transform ordinary reality into magical living. These are performed during Ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Soul Retrievals: Reconnect lost or separated soul parts through the use of the shamanic journey. Restore the balance of the subtle energetic body as past traumas are released and forgiveness replenishes the soul and life forces. These are performed during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Don Alberto collecting Lopuna at Blue Morpho Ayahuasca center

guests pounding ayahuasca at blue morpho

cooking ayahuasca at Blue Morpho

Guests at blue morpho sorting the pounded ayahuasca

* PLEASE NOTE: Participation in workshop activities and ceremonies is completely voluntary.

Group Workshop / Retreats: These group workshops are designed to illuminate the reality of Amazonian shamanism in a sacred and ceremonial setting. As we journey into the depths of the Amazon rain forest, we hold the intent of spiritual transformation and learning through our work during these magical days. All of the activities listed above will be available. This will be a time to not only benefit from the shamanism techniques utilized during the workshop, but to learn how to use them as well. You will take them home and benefit from them well after the retreat's conclusion. Click here to view upcoming scheduled group workshop dates.
Group May 2007


Meals: All meals are included, served buffet-style, and made with delicious local ingredients by professional staff.

Billing: Workshops / Retreats may be paid by cash or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

Transportation: All workshop / retreat transportation is included from Iquitos to and from the Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Center. The jungle lodge is about 90 minutes by boat down the Amazon River from Iquitos.

To reserve your spot on a Workshops / Retreats, book your tour in advance online.

For any workshops / retreats  that are booked in our Iquitos office, full payment is required at the time of reservation.


Hotel Reservations: Blue Morpho can make your hotel reservations at the following places:
Items to Bring on the Tour: See the FAQ page for further details.


Amazonian Adventure Activities at Blue Morpho:

•    Jungle hikes
•    Birding
•    River fishing 
•    River Swimming
•    Boat Excursion


Each day guest will have the opportunity to participate in a jungle excursion.

Rainforest Excursion Activities List:

Short or extended hikes: Observe and enjoy the detailed features of the forest floor while investigating the jungle flora and fauna.
Local Boat Excursion on the Itaya River
Boat excursion up Itaya River: As the boat glides under the canopy, experience monkeys, birds, and other animals that make the canopy their home
Bird watching: Observe and catalogue the countless species of birds like the toucan, macaw, and king fisher (see bird list).
Red  Belly Piranha
River fishing: Toss out your line and instantly feel the tug and bite of the fierce piranha. These fish, up to 4 pounds in size devour their prey with razor teeth effectively melon balling flesh.

Click here to view 7 day Shamanic Workshop Sample Itinerary.