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Thank you Blue Morpho. This guide prepared me perfectly for my trip to meet Madre Ayahuasca. I knew what to do when it got intense. This was invaluable to the healing I received – PTSD from childhood trauma gone! – Brandon (Software Engineer)

Ayahuasca Medicine in the Heart of the Peruvian Amazon

Blue Morpho focuses on your evolution, growth and transformation. In the last 14 years we have successfully guided over 6,000 people through amazing ayahuasca healing journeys, becoming the most renowned shamanic center in the world. Experience the lineage of Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, a 7th Generation Master Ayahuasca Shaman.

National Geographic Agrees

Featured in the well-known National Geographic article by Kira Salak, our Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats are designed to maximize your personal and spiritual transformation through our consciousness-shifting practices and  dedication to healing and evolution. Blue Morpho is the only center in the world to successfully combine universal spiritual principles with ancient shamanic traditions and world-class modern techniques of transformation. Kira miraculously healed from a life long depression and so can you.

You will always receive our very best!

Based in the ancient lineage of Maestro Alberto Torres Davila and coupled with Maestro Hamilton Souther’s Activated Balanced Consciousness, you will experience traditional medicine that will impact the entirety of your life. We focus on bridging the gap between these ancient practices and your modern needs to illuminate and unlock the tremendous benefits ayahuasca and the shamanic arts offer you.

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AYAHUASCA: Healing Trauma at Blue Morpho
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Maestro Alberto Torres Davila

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreats

Through ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies, you can experience tremendous spiritual, emotional and energetic evolution. Whether you are looking for personal healing, spiritual growth, insight into your life, deep change, or consciousness expansion, you will find the support, guidance, knowledge and professionalism necessary to help you fully realize your intentions for life-improvement.

Receive everything you need and more!

  • 4 or 5 Consciousness-shifting ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Sacred visionary medicinal plants: ayahuasca, sanango and medicinal trees (palos)
  • A safe ceremonial environment, including a fully trained staff of helpers
  • High-quality jungle accommodations
  • All meals, coffee, teas, fresh juices & filtered water
  • Participation in the ayahuasca cooking process
  • Discussions about medicinal plants and their curative properties
  • Shamanic plant dietas and Sanango dietas (specific workshops only, see links)
  • Personal shamanic healing, Shamanic journeying & Soul retrievals
  • One-on-one time with the shamans
  • Group talks on shamanism, mysticism, and personal experiences
  • Shamanic skills course, integration, relaxation and release
  • Yoga classes
  • Variety of excursions including jungle hikes with medicinal plants, Amazon river boat trips, pink dolphin viewing, trips to local communities, and more

Your Healing Journey

For many people, coming to ayahuasca is a very big decision. For Kira Salak, author of the National Geographic article, and many others like her, the reasons were depression and a desire for personal healing. Bringing resolution to the root cause of various ailments is the primary motivation that brings guests to our center.

In the Face of Life’s Challenges

Many people come to find solutions and healing for their personal relationships. Some come to reclaim their inner spark and passion for life. Others are on a path of self-discovery or awakening and need direction. The potential for growth and transformation is very real, in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Your Liberation

In the face of the tremendous complexity and challenges that modern life presents, Blue Morpho is a place where you can safely explore the depths of your life and address your challenges. It is a place where people from over 60 countries have come to find lasting solutions.

Time to come home

We know the journey to get here is a major step on your path. We are fully committed to doing our best for you. Your safety, comfort, fulfillment and well-being are our top priorities. It is in this commitment and connection that we come together for this sacred work.

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Blue Morpho Huachuma (San Pedro) Retreats

Through Huachuma (San Pedro) plant medicine ceremonies, you can experience a deep connection with Mother Earth and the Huachuma healing energies. This gentle yet powerful medicine aligns the chakras, cleanses your energy and awakens deep ancestral wisdom. Experience this incredible plant medicine on our retreat visiting Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

San Pedro Workshops Include:

  • Three San Pedro ceremonies (see specific workshops for details on number of ceremonies)
  • Full shamanic support
  • Personal shamanic healing
  • Group talks to share and illuminate experiences
  • Group talks on shamanism, mysticism, and personal transformation
  • Coca Madre ceremonies
  • Day trips to ancient sites in the Sacred Valley
  • Entrance fees to the sacred sites
  • Accommodations at a luxury resort surrounded by vibrant gardens
  • High-quality vegetarian food (non-vegetarian options offered on days we eat lunch out)
  • Lunches during day trips at top locations in Peru’s Sacred Valley
  • Filtered water available throughout your stay
  • Fresh herb teas harvested from the garden each day

Your Healing Journey will take you back in time

San Pedro retreats take place in Cusco and the Sacred Valley and include explorations of native Incan and pre-Incan spiritual cultures. Our sacred site journeys are woven into the San Pedro ceremonies, creating a tapestry of spiritual learning, growth, exploration and transformation. On the days between ceremonies, we head out on day trips to various Sacred Sites around the region, including temples and ruins near Urubamba, Pisaq, Cusco, and Ollantaytambo. We make sure to visit sites that are well-known as well as those that are off the tourist path, learning to connect with and map the spiritual cultures of this famous energy center.

Sacred Medicinal Plants that will improve your life!

As part of daily healing ceremonies at these ancient mystic places, we work with Coca Madre, another sacred plant from this region, to offer blessings, open our awareness and deepen our connections to the spirits of the environment and the local traditions of antiquity. 

Your Illumination

Our retreats illuminate the reality of sacred plant medicine shamanism and universal spirituality in a sacred and ceremonial setting. As we journey into Peru’s Sacred Valley, together we hold the intent for spiritual transformation and learning through direct experience during these illuminating days. This will be a time to not only benefit from the shamanism and transformational techniques utilized during the retreat, but to learn how to incorporate them into your life. You will take the knowledge home and benefit from implementing what you have learned well beyond the retreat’s conclusion.

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Journey with a group to a Mother Earth Ceremony
Visit Sacred Site Ollantaytambo with a Blue Morpho group

Personal Healing through Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho’s goal is to improve the lives of our guests while ensuring their safety, comfort and personal care.

Lari's San Pedro Healing Experience
Daniel's San Pedro Healing Experience
Christa's San Pedro Healing Experience

Recent News, Podcasts and Videos

Blue Morpho continues to help millions access accurate information about the medicinal use of sacred plants and the ancient traditions that founded these healing practices. We strive to provide the highest standard of treatment; our goal is for everyone to find the solutions and healing that they seek.

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