7 Day 5 Ceremony Plant Dieta & Ayahuasca Retreats

An Intimate Ayahuasca Experience in a Pristine Jungle Environment

Blue Morpho’s Intimate Jungle Camp is surrounded by lush, vibrant rainforest nestled on 180 acres of Private Reserve. This ideal location offers an intimate ambiance for your personal healing process, with a perfect mixture of local architecture, modern amenities, and artisanal touches that help make your time with us as unique and comfortable as it is transformational.

The newly styled and upgraded camp is purpose built for small ayahuasca groups and provides an optimum location for your plant dieta experience. Each private room includes your own mosquito net and personal accommodations. The bungalows have bathroom facilities that are shared between four guests. There are hot showers and a natural lake for swimming, as well as an extensive network of jungle trails featuring several medicinal plants. This location has been Blue Morpho’s true medicine home since 2005 and represents the roots of our healing and transformative work with sacred plants.

A Shamanic Journey of Purification and Deep Transformation through an Intensive Plant Dieta & Ayahuasca Workshop

The shamanic dieta is a process of deep purification, transformation and learning within traditional Amazonian shamanism. It is an opportunity for you to commune directly with the plant spirits in the ancient traditions of the jungle in a setting of support, beauty, compassion and spiritual medicine. The focus of the workshop is on exploring and integrating the experience of the shamanic dieta in ways that translate to direct and meaningful changes throughout all aspects of your life.

Shamanic dietas can be utilized for physical, mental and emotional healing, as well as for spiritual growth, learning, and profound personal transformation. Over the course of the week, your relationship with the plant spirits will deepen and evolve. As this happens, you will also evolve. The learning is direct, experiential and entirely based upon your own connections.

Your transformation and evolution is our focus. Our job on this journey is to 100% support and guide your process the whole way through. Everyone comes to Blue Morpho and to plant medicine with a unique set of reasons and intentions. Our shamanic retreats are created to help facilitate and bring resolution to your reasons for embarking on this journey. Incorporating a number of shamanic and transformational tools, together we explore the mystical reality of shamanism, spirit, self, plant medicine, consciousness, transformation, and ultimately your life.

Led by Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, along with our full shamanic team, these retreats are limited to only 20 guests and awards the opportunity for ample time spent with the shamans and staff both in and out of ceremony, as well as the opportunity to take your work with the medicine very deep.

Deepen and Advance Your Ayahuasca Experience with Master Plant Dietas Guided by Traditional Maestros and Expert Facilitators

The dieta begins by ingesting the barks of several medicinal trees in a mild tea form. The tree spirits offer their medicine and through this communion, they transform and teach you from within your body. Once the bond is created, they become part of you. Over the course of the dieta and its integration into your life, you develop your own style of relating to these spirits and their medicine. The culmination of this process is continued growth, learning, connection and communion for the rest of your life.

The traditional shamanic dieta consists of a carefully restricted food intake for at least 6 days. You can eat only a few very bland foods, such as green plantains, yucca meal, chicken, eggs, and one type of fish. No salt, sugar, or oil is allowed. This limited food intake purifies your body so that the energy of the plants absorb and integrate within you. You offer the plant spirits your time, energy, dedication and focus; in exchange, you receive their medicine as the plant spirits teach and guide you.

There are certain restrictions that you will have to follow during and after the dieta. For instance, during the dieta, you are not allowed to use soap or toothpaste, and you must avoid direct physical contact with others (except for the shamans and assistants). After the dieta, you are not allowed to have ANY sort of sexual contact (including masturbation or fantasizing) for 30 days, and you cannot consume pork for at least 6 months. Dieters should stay in the shade (out of the sun) and spend most of their time relaxing (not hiking or taking part in any physically strenuous activity). There are several other restrictions that will be covered in detail during the retreat.

Shamanic Plant Dieta Retreats include:

  • Guidance in traditional plant dieta methods
  • Four tree bark medicine preparations led by Maestro Don Alberto
  • Five ayahuasca medicine ceremonies
  • Discussion and exploration of universal spirituality
  • Full shamanic support
  • Identifying and learning how the plant teachers can help guide you
  • Participation in the ayahuasca cooking process
  • Personal shamanic healing
  • Shamanic journey and skill practice
  • Integration practices for during the workshop and at home
  • One-on-one time with the shamans
  • Group talks to share and illuminate experiences
  • Group talks on shamanism, mysticism, and personal transformation
  • Build lasting connections with the plant medicine spirits that you can continue to learn from at home

Taking the Process to Heart

When participating in traditional medicine dietas at Blue Morpho, it is understood that the rules need to be heeded and followed. Not following the rules can bring affliction by traditional definitions. This does not mean that there need be any fear about the diet. On the contrary the diet takes its own path, making your job very easy. All you have to do is follow the process and the direction the medicine will take you. The result is a fulfillment of your own intentions for undertaking a plant dieta.

  • No western medications during diet at camp including contraceptive pills and malaria tablets
  • No cosmetics including repellent, soap and tooth paste
  • No heavy physical activity
  • No leaving camp unless as part of a specific group activity
  • No touching anyone, including hand shaking and hugging
  • No coffee or black teas.
  • Only eat and drink what we serve during the diet, and only from your plate of food

Restrictions following the dieta:

  • No sex for 30 days
  • No alcohol for 30 days
  • No pork for 6 months
  • No Western street drugs for 30 days

The Commitment

Traditionally, the shamanic dieta is only taken on by a shaman, shamanic apprentice, or as a part of certain types of healing. We suggest the dieta for people who are very interested in deep transformation through the practice of Amazonian shamanism. This requires the full commitment on the part of the dieter. One of the most significant elements of the dieta experience is maintaining the 30 day and 6 month restrictions following your time here at Blue Morpho. This part of the journey is fundamental to allowing the plant spirits and their medicine to fully integrate into your body, mind and spirit. Your learning will continue during this time, and far beyond it. This is truly a remarkable, life-changing experience. Please ensure that you are committed to the whole process.

Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila

Ayahuasca: Healing Trauma

Upcoming Plant Dieta Retreats:

March 18th – 24th, 2018 with Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila

The rustic appeal of a jungle lodge, modern amenities for your comfort and safety, and artisanal touches all make Blue Morpho’s camp an ideal setting to experience Ayahuasca

Each bungalow offers two shared rooms, a full bathroom, and living room lounge area. The rooms are serviced daily, with fresh linens and towels provided. Each sleeping area has a metal lock box to keep your valuables safe. The entire lodge is equipped with hot water showers, sinks, and full-flush toilets. Sleeping quarters have hot water available 24 hours per day. Bathroom facilities are modern and clean with tile floors, and each is well-stocked and cleaned daily throughout your stay.

Primary structures include:

  • Dining Hall and Lounge
  • Ceremony House
  • 6 Private Bungalows
  • Ayahuasca Cook House
  • Yoga and Art Lake House
  • Natural Swimming Lake
  • Extensive network of Hiking Trails

Exotic Authentic Attractions

  • Medicinal plant walks through the private reserve
  • Itaya river boat trip
  • Trip to visit local village of Nauta
  • Shakapa making workshop
  • Yoga classes
  • Guided meditations

Not all of these activities will be offered during plant dieta workshops.

Admixture Plants for Ayahuasca

Exquisite “Ayahuasca Safe” Meals

All meals are made fresh in a licensed kitchen and served in the dining hall. Dieta meals are made with fresh, local ingredients that adhere to the rigors of shamanic dieting. The non-dieta menu is a traditional selection of savory, fresh local ingredients prepared by local chefs and staff. A fusion of the regional Peruvian and international cuisine, this includes a variety of salads, fresh vegetables, fish, and chicken dishes.

  • Only high-quality filtered water is used in cooking
  • Hot high-quality filtered water is available in common areas 24 hours a day for you to make your own hot beverages
  • A selection of herbal teas and coffee substitutes are available for non-diet days

All food adheres to the restrictions of a safe ayahuasca menu

– No added sugar or available sugar products (jam, etc.)
– No alcohol used in cooking or allowed in camp
– No pork products
– No red meat

Personal nutritional restrictions can be accommodated for, within the boundaries of shamanism and the limits of food variety and availability in Iquitos. This includes ovo-lacto, vegetarian and vegan diets. Please make your specialty diet requests at the time of booking.

Non-dieta meals include the following:

Breakfast: A selection of eggs, breads, fresh vegetables, cold cereals, and local juices accompanied by tea and other hot beverages.

Lunch: The largest meal in the jungle, lunch is a combination of salad, fish or chicken, rice, quinoa, beans, plantains or yucca, and potatoes. Beverages include water, tea, and specially-selected local juices. Juices are made fresh from sugar-free fruit (Camu Camu, Cocona and Maracuya), making them safe to consume as part of the ayahuasca diet.

A selection of herbal teas, coffee, and filtered water are available before and after the dieta.

Our Mission & Commitment To You

Blue Morpho has blended traditional shamanism and shamanic retreats into an all-inclusive tour that offers you a truly unique and life-altering experience in the heart of the Amazon. Blue Morpho’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive space where you can experience personal growth, energetic evolution, and healing through traditional Amazonian shamanism. This mission has been, and will always be Blue Morpho’s goal. Having already welcomed over 4,000 satisfied guests to the lodge, it’s what drives us forward today.

A Spiritual Gift to Yourself that Keeps On Giving

Our workshops illuminate the reality of Amazonian shamanism and universal spirituality in a sacred and ceremonial setting. As we journey into the depths of the Amazon rain forest, together we hold the intent for spiritual transformation and learning through direct experience during these magical days. This will be a time to not only benefit from the shamanism and transformational techniques utilized during the workshop, but to learn how to incorporate them into your life. You will take the knowledge home and gain benefit from implementing what you have learned well after the workshop’s conclusion.

To reserve your spot on a Shamanic Ayahuasca Workshop, book your tour in advance online.

BMT Cancellation Policy

Payments are refundable if you give Blue Morpho admin at least 60 days’ notice in writing that you will not attend the tour you signed up for. However, there is an administrative cost to cover bank transaction fees of 10% of amount paid. Alternatively, if you cannot attend your tour and have given us the 60 days’ notice, you may transfer your payment to a different tour within the following 12 months at no charge (for the first transfer; any additional transfers can be made with an admin fee of $50). If you elect to transfer your payment, this cannot later be refunded. For this reason we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any financial losses should you have to cancel your visit within 60 days for any reason.