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As part of our commitment to guests who return to Blue Morpho over the years, we are offering a discount program in the form of personal credit that can be used towards the regular price of retreats. The program works like this:

Return Guest Credit

Each guest that comes to Blue Morpho and completes a retreat will receive personal credit worth $200. This can be used on the next attended retreat or combined with additional personal credit to be redeemed on a later retreat.

Guest Referral Credit

For each guest who refers a new guest to Blue Morpho, they will receive a one-time personal credit worth $200 after their referred guest completes their first retreat*. This credit can also be utilized in conjunction with additional credit for greater discounts.

* The new guest must pay the full retreat price in order for the Guest Referral Personal Credit to be issued.

To Apply your Personal Credit Discount

1. At the time of submitting an application, Login to your account using the ‘Click here to login’ link near the top of your page.
2. Enter your username and password. If you have never received or do not remember this info, email to request it
3. The amount of Personal Credit you have available to use will be displayed at the bottom of the application form in the Payment section. Enter the amount you wish to apply in the Apply Personal Credit box and click the ‘Apply Credit’ button.
4. Your Amount Due will be amended to take into account the applied credit.
5. Proceed with entering your credit card information.
6. Alternatively, if you have already paid your deposit and have credit available that you wish to use towards your outstanding balance, you can email stating the amount to be used and the workshop date, and we will add this discount manually.

Important Program Notes:

  1. Personal Credit is non-transferrable and can only be redeemed by the person to whom it was assigned.
  2. Personal Credit cannot be combined with any other discounts or related offers.
  3. Personal Credit can be combined with additional Credit.
  4. Personal Credit can only be used once.
  5. There is no expiration for Personal Credit.
  6. To receive the guest referral credit, the referred guest must indicate who they are being referred by in the “Referral” section on the application. If the referred guest does not enter the person’s name who referred them at this time, no credit will be issued.
  7. Blue Morpho will not accept postdated requests for referral credits under any circumstance.
  8. The new guest must pay the full retreat price in order for the Guest Referral Personal Credit to be issued.
  9. At the start of this program (March 2015), we will convert all remaining points from the former Loyalty and Ambassador Programs into personal credits, which will be emailed to each guest.
  10. Both the Loyalty and Ambassador Programs are henceforth discontinued.

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