General Health and Well-Being and Ayahuasca

/General Health and Well-Being and Ayahuasca
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General Health and Well-being and Ayauasca

Scientific Articles

The Healing Practices of a Peruvian Shaman
L.E. Luna – Journal of Ethnopharmacology (1984)

Clinical investigations of the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca: rationale and regulatory challenges
Dennis J. McKenna — Pharmacology & Therapeutics (2004)

Healing with Plant Intelligence: A Report from Ayahuasca
Richard Doyle — Anthropology of Consciousness (Abstract 2012)

Trance and Shamanic Cure on the South American Continent: Psychopharmacological and Neurobiological Interpretations
Francois Blanc — Anthropology of Consciousness (2010)

Person, Place and Sacrament: Cross-Cultural Healing and Transformation in the Ayahuasca Shamanism of Iquitos, Peru
James Taylor — NEIP Info (2011)

The Healing Power of the Icaros: A Phenomenological Study of Ayahuasca Experiences
Susan Bustos — California Institute of Integral Studies (2008)

The Healing Power of the Curanderos’ Songs or “Icaros”: A Phenomenological Study
Susan Bustos – California Institute of Integral Studies (Dissertation Proposal 2004)

Banistriopsis caapi, a Forgotten Potential Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease?
Djamshidian, Bernschneider-Reif, Poewe and Lees – International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (Abstract 2015);jsessionid=51440F2A9CFFB6E8E986C5ECFB65B584.f01t02?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=

A Longitudinal History of Self-Transformation: Psychedelics, Spirituality, Activism and Transformation
Phil Wolfson MD — Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research (2011)

Ayahuasca Characterization, Metabolism in Humans, and Relevance to Endogenous N, N-Dimethyltryptaimines
Ethan Hamilton McIlhenny (Dissertation 2012)

The Objectivity of Spiritual Experiences: Spontaneous Mental Imagery and the Spiritual Space
Marcelo S. Mercante — NEIP – Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies (2006)

Voice of the Psychonauts: Coping, Life Purpose, and Spirituality in Psychedelic Drug Users
Moro, Simon, Bard & Raez — Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (2011)

The natural hallucinogen 5-MeO-DMT, component of Ayahusaca, disrupts cortical function in rats:  reversal by antipsychotic drugs
Maurizio S. Riga, Guadalupe Soria, Raul Tudela, Francesc Artigas, Pau Celada – Int’l Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (2014)

A Reader in Ethnobotany and A Phytotherapy
Miroslav Horak et al. – FOLIA (2014)

How Might the Ayahuasca Experience be a Potential Antidote to Western Hegemony:  A Mixed Methods Study
Roan Kaufman, Ed.D. – Dissertation, Fielding Graduate University (2015)

The Vidente Phenomenon in Third World Traditional Healing: an Amazonian example
Marlene Dobkin de Rios – Medical Anthropology (Abstract 1984)

A modern-day shamanistic healer in the Peruvian Amazon: pharmacopoeia and trance
Marlene Dobkin de Rios — Journal Psychoactive Drugs (Abstract 1989)

Entheogens: Return of the Ostracized
Roberts and Hruby — Northern Illinois University (1996)

Working with “La Medicina”: Elements of Healing in Contemporary Ayahuasca Rituals
Evgenia Fotiou — Anthropology of Consciousness (2012 Abstract)

Human Pharmacology of Ayahuasca: Subjective and Cardiovascular Effects, Monoamine Metabolite Excretion, and Pharmacokinetics
Riba, Valle, Urbano, Yritia, Morte & Barbanoj — Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (2003)

The ritual use of ayahuasca by three Brazilian religions
Edward MacRae, Ph.D. (2004)


Internet Links

Facing Fear: A Conversation with an Ayahuasquero
Adam Elenbaas – Reality Sandwich (2008)

Spirit Vine: Transpersonal States of Consciousness: Illusion or Spirit? (2008)

DMT, Ayahuasca, The Pineal Gland – A Professor Talks Neurotheology
Clayton Crockett – Waking Times (2013)

Soul, Spirit and Right Relationship:  A Conversation with Steve Beyer
Morgan Maher – Reality Sandwich (2010)

Jaguar Medicine
Alberto Villoldo, PhD – Shaman Portal (2008)

The Visionary World of Ayahuasca-Plant Spirit Shamanism in the Amazon
Howard G. Charing – (2007)

Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Transformation
Phil Wolfson — Tikkun (2011)

Plant Medicines and Shamanic Healing
Ross Heaven – Herbal Medicine (2008)

Medicine for the Soul
Howard Charing — Sacred Hoop (2003)

Ayahuasca: Shamanism Shared Across Cultures
Luis Eduardo Luna – Cultural Survival (2003)

Sacred Evolution with Amazonian Plant Spirit Medicine Ayahuasca
Jill Levers blog – Tierra Vida Healing

Are Psychedelics Useful in the Practice of Buddhism?
Myron J. Stolaroff — Journal of Humanistic Psychology (1999) 

Psychedelic Horizons
Papers by Thomas B. Roberts

Psychedelic Shamanism: Shamanist Sacred Plants To Experience the 5th Dimension
Onur Oral – Scribd (2009)

Physical Shamanism and Shamanic Therapy
James Kent – Psychedelic Information Theory/Shamanism in the Age of Reason (2010)

Psychointegration: The Physiological Effects of Entheogens
Michael Winkelman

Entheogenic Mysticism: A Jamesian Assessment
William Barnard

Hallucinogenic Ritual and Theater
Marlene Dobkin de Rios – Excerpt from Hallucinogens: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (1984)

Changes in Spirituality Among Ayahuasca Ceremony Novice Participants
Stephen M. Trichter – Spirituality and Ayahuasca 1 (2006)

In search of the authentic self: using plants of wisdom as healers
Edwin Lainhart – Journal of Heart Centered Therapies (2003)

 “My Father and My Mother, Show Me Your Beauty”: Ritual Use of Ayahuasca in Rio de Janeiro
Tania Soibelman — The California Institute of Integral Studies (Masters Thesis 1995)