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Modern Shamanism

The Best Decision Before Ayahuasca

Founded by Master Shaman, Maestro Hamilton Souther, Modern Shamanism is a unique practice, teaching, philosophy, expression and discipline of shamanism.

Welcome to the Modern Shamanism Foundation Course and Community. Reading this is the first step in an incredible life-transforming journey. Shamanism is an exciting, entertaining and transformational evolution. You will live with direct connection to the vast and amazing spirit world as part of your daily life. Congratulations!

This 50-step course teaches you the fundamental, core principles of shamanic practice. You will build a strong foundation in shamanism and learn to apply this knowledge to benefit yourself and others in your daily life.  It is through your direct learning experience that your life will magically transform.

Transform Your Modern Life with Ancient Wisdom

Modern Shamanism is unique because it guides you to connect with and learn ancient spiritual practices while still living in and maintaining your current modern lifestyle.  Your experience of the shamanic world, in conjunction with everyday living, facilitates and guides your transformation into a Modern Shaman.

The learning process is entirely hands on and fun. You will awaken your inner creativity, unlocking the essence of pure joy and the zest for living a connected, spiritual life.

Unique Tools to Bridge Your Daily and Spiritual Lives

A Modern Shaman is someone who uses shamanic techniques that have been specifically designed for people living and working in modern society. Modern Shamanism was uniquely designed for this purpose: To give modern people the shamanic tools to live life to its fullest in the modern world.

Imagine a modern life in total and direct connection to the spiritual world. Modern Shamanism teaches that shamanism is a life practice — that it is applicable to all areas of your life: spirituality, creative and artistic pursuits, health and well-being, personal growth and development, career and life purpose, and interpersonal relationships.

Unlocking Your Total Healing Potential

You will take each of these life themes to the next level, not only bettering your own life but those of the people around you as well. Your friends will be wondering how you have transformed and grown so much so quickly.

The tools found within in the course are ultimate life tools, guiding you through spiritual connection. You will add meaning, beauty, vitality, purpose, direction and connection to your life, helping you live and feel better.

Profound Shamanic Activities and Course Layout 

The Modern Shamanism Foundations Course is laid out in a step-by-step pattern, where each new step builds on the previous.  You will be learning every day. Steps are grouped into themes containing 6 steps each.  The sequential nature of the course is vital to the process and each step should be followed in order beginning with Step 1.

Each skill you learn will be directly applicable to your daily life. In a single day you will learn how to shed stress and energetically cleanse. On another day you will learn how to free up time and be even more effective in everything you do.

Each step contains an activity for you to perform, supported by written and/or audio and video material. The activities can take as much or as little time as you need, but will average between 10 to 30 minutes each. We all can find 10 minutes in a day to dedicate to our wellbeing. As you start to feel better and gain clarity you will actually free up more time than the course takes to practice. Modern Shamanism ultimately gives you more time.

A Message From Founder Hamilton Souther

Modern Shamanism Community and Course

Founder Maestro Hamilton Souther

You Learn Through Direct Experience At Your Own Pace

The performance of the activity and its integration is essential to your growth. In order for you to learn, you have to perform the steps.  The amount of time spent is not so important but what you experience is.  This is key to your continued success in Modern Shamanism.

Move at your own pace.  There is no specific time guideline.  Some students prefer to complete one step each day (as an average pace), while many find value in slower paces.  Remember, it is not the speed at which you complete the course, but how well you have mastered the material through your direct experience.

Again, congratulations for joining the Modern Shamanism Foundations Course and community. This program will change your life in a positive, fun and endearing way!

Finally a Community of People Just Like You

Vital to the Modern Shamanism experience is participation in the Community.  This includes interacting with and connecting with other Modern Shamanism Community members, posting questions or sharing on the Community Forum, and otherwise reaching out in any way that you can.

The Community experience is a wonderful way to receive support, guidance, friendship and connection as you embark on this journey.  You are welcome and encouraged to participate. Most importantly you will be connected to like-minded people that all share similar interest in personal and spiritual growth. You are not alone in your spirituality. We are already here, eagerly awaiting your connection and participation.

You are now part of the Modern Shamanism Community.  We welcome you and are honored by your participation.

When You Are Ready To Take Your Life To The Next Level

In addition to the Modern Shamanism Foundations Course, we offer the Advanced Modern Shamanism Course. It guides you through every single aspect of life based in themes.  It consists of 13 themes with 70 steps/activities that form a complete shamanic practice.

The Advanced course should only be started once the Modern Shamanism Foundations toolkit is complete. In the Foundations course, you learn a core set of shamanic skills.  These skills form the basis of your practice, and in the Advanced Course you will continue to apply what you’ve learned in Foundations while deepening your experience and expanding your knowledge even further.  It is here where you will move more fully into a process of deep personal transformation and evolution of your consciousness.

We can look at shamanic practice over time as a process of continuous growth.  We can liken this to the creation of a metaphorical building.  The Foundations Course guides you to literally lay down the foundations of your shamanic practice; in the Advanced Course you will become more proficient with your tools, gain new materials, and build the framework.  With each new theme, you will flesh out details and add a more complete conceptual and practical understanding of the shamanic process.  Shamanic transformation takes on new meaning as your life continues to evolve and express the fulfillment of your path.

Just Some Of The Steps You Will Cover In The Advanced Course

  • Spiritual Lattice
  • Spiritual Lattice Realignment.
  • Spiritual Lattice Restructuring.
  • Transformational Commodities
  • The Structure of Spirits
  • The Middle World
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Strength and Courage
  • The Mind
  • Psychic abilities
  • Vision
  • Defining Creativity
  • Advanced Ritual Practice.
  • How Spirits communicate
  • Communicating with your Principal guide.
  • Channels of Communication
  • Transforming How you communicate
  • Personal Transformation
  • Creating a system of Personal Transformation
  • Redefining Spaces
  • Movement in Space
  • Clarity
  • Mental Training
  • Retraining how you think.
  • Perception
  • Time
  • Shamanic Commodities
  • Releasing Doubt and Delusion
  • Knowledge
  • Thought versus Knowledge
  • Spatial Exploration
  • Duality
  • Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Trance States

 When You Are Ready To Help Others Heal

The Modern Shamanism Practitioner Course

The Modern Shamanism Practitioner Course is for people that have completed the Foundations and Advanced courses and want to use their Shamanic skills at a Professional level.

For more information please contact us at

To start Modern Shamanism, sign up online today.

Modern Shaman Experiences


178-thumbby robin walker
Silver City, United States

I am so amazed at the experiences I am having in such a short period of time!

I went to a nearby store yesterday and stepped into a whole new community. The little shop was filled with oils, crystals and what I like to refer to as woo woo stuff :0)

The lady that was working there was very “unusual” and I was drawn to her like a magnet. We started chatting and she said, “we are having a drumming circle tommorrow night for the full moon.” I have a drum :0) that I haven’t used for quite awhile. She said, “come join us.” Now three weeks ago I would have “THOUGHT” I don’t think so….I don’t know you….who will be there?! blah blah blah
But I FELT very receptive to the idea and accepted the offer :0)

WELL! I stepped into the funkiest… grooviest… non judging… laid back atmosphere…. down a county road…. in the country… spirit rich dwelling I have ever seen!! These spirts had all kinds of musical instrument spirits, that all communicated in different ways. The spirits said, try this spirit and this one makes this sound and this one makes this sound. I am gonna start this one and you come in when spirit moves you and before I knew it all the instrument spirits were having a conversation and we were making MUSIC!! I have never EXPERIENCED music as spirits communicating! OMG it was so cool! I was in such a receptive place that I TOTALLY GOT IT!! I wanted to say something and spirit said JUST LISTEN…. LEARN…. take it in.. There is nothing to say :0)


Modern Shamanism is providing a structure that’s supporting me to no longer resist life

64-thumbby Tanya Craig
Umina Beach, Australia

Modern Shamanism is providing a structure that’s supporting me to no longer resist life but to grow a new, surprising and enriching relationship with the modern world. It is empowering me to be more aware, feel safe and enabling me to be more present, open and accountable to all aspects of my life as it unfolds.

It has also provided me with a daily spiritual practice that’s lots of fun and I look forward to connecting with it each day. My modern shamanism course so far has been both challenging and exciting but always bringing me a renewed sense of self and enchantment into every day. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this wonderful community of healing spirits and to share with and support one another in this magnificent journey into the unknown dimensions of all things spirit.

The training workshop for Modern Shamanism was extraordinary

28-thumbby Andreina Womutt
Tamarac, United States

The training workshop for Modern Shamanism was extraordinary. We received the tools to embrace our own selves as creators. With the understanding of the core themes of Shamanism, we went guided through different journeys into layers and layers diving deep in our self, clearing, redefining and finding new meanings and integration with validation of everything that we know.
We are the writer of our own story, like an artist we create it and in the recognition of the story we can change it all the time. Practicing validation with awareness we connect with our environment and it is absolutely marvelous recognize and honor one another in this experience of Life. I want to express to the Spirit of Modern Shamanism my deepest Gratitude to born through Hamilton and Malcom who guided us with Mastery to recognize our power as artists.
Now that I’m back in my own environment practicing and Shamanizing my space, always “Here and Now,” I realize that I live all the time in My Healing Palace. I had to redefine Work and Life they are not separate. This is transforming and expanding my vision and my Dance. As a Dancer you need to be present to create the Dance. It is not separate from each other. The interaction with the space and time and the participation of the Dancer make possible the existence of the Dance. That is my Life now. A Dancer having joy in the different stages full with Medicine Spirits to interact and serving my higher self.

“What I love most about Modern Shamanism”

18-thumbby Bonita Day
New Orleans, United States

“What I love most about the Modern Shamanism course is that I can learn the shamanic arts and the core principles in shamanism with out having to adopt rituals and definitions from other cultures. I am free to connect with spirit and apply these concepts to my life in a way that is meaningful to me and that is compatible with my life as a modern, city dwelling person. I can practice modern shamanism right here, right now with out feeling like I have to go somewhere or be someone else.”

Modern Shamanism has taught me the navigation skills to explore that inner kingdom

by Deirdra, Ireland

“Did you ever feel that a false view of human existence has been substituted for the real meaning and purpose of life? And that
if you only happened upon the right tool, you’d be able to hack through to some kind of Truth of who you really are? Have you tired of chasing your own tail through the labyrinth of endless systems of false prophet self-development schemes?

I don’t know about you, but I abandoned the external search for Meaning when I began to realize, through the learning and practice of Modern Shamanism, that the deep yearning for True Knowledge and personal freedom wasn’t going to be satisfied “out there”. A certain Middle Eastern shaman once asserted that “the Kingdom of God is within”.

He wasn’t kidding!

As a philosophy and a practice, Modern Shamanism has taught me the navigation skills to explore that inner kingdom. It’s taught me to recognise that we’re our own jailers but equally, our own liberators. It provides a set of co-ordinates and road maps to embark on the interior adventure of a lifetime. And while every traveller has to make their own way, its practical system outlines the pitfalls to avoid and pinpoints the more direct routes. For far too long, I looked outside myself in the mistaken belief that the answer was out there. Now I’m learning that it was within me all the time, and that knowledge alone is creating radical and promising change in all aspects of my life. There’s a whole lot more life in my living these days!”

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