Blue Morpho Huachuma (San Pedro) and Sacred Geometry Retreat

The Perfect Location for San Pedro

Willka T’ika’s magnificent healing gardens provide an incredible setting for our San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremonies and to relax, restore, and receive the powerful energy of the Andes. The one-of-a-kind seven chakra gardens cover the grounds with lush vibrant foliage, and are connected to each other by enchanting winding stone paths. Each garden is designed to correspond to one of the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body, and is graced with sacred sculptures and stonework appropriate to the chakra represented.

Many ancient Incan sites are a short distance from our property, making Willka T’ika the perfect base while visiting the Sacred Valley. Fully-inclusive Magical Journey programs include gourmet vegetarian cuisine, authentic Andean healing arts, and excursions to Machu Picchu and other Incan sites led by select professional guides.

San Pedro and Sacred Geometry

Join us for an esoteric exploration of Sacred Geometry, utilizing the harmonizing quality of San Pedro to reveal the aspects of sacred geometry found in all of life itself. Held in one of the most charged locations on Earth, this workshop includes an exploration of the fundamental elements of sacred geometry, including the Star Tetrahedron and Golden Ratio; guided meditations, 4 San Pedro ceremonies, a Sacred Site journey, a drawing workshop, and fire ceremonies all geared towards your transformation and personal evolution.

Day 1

The Journey Begins

We will begin by visiting an ancient archaeological site (to be determined) as we depart Cusco city and head towards the Sacred Valley. Here, using the Andean medicine plant La Coca Madre, we will hold the tour’s opening ceremony and invite the guardian spirits and the mighty Apus of the Andes to help us on this journey.

Afterwards, we continue on to and have a beautiful buffet lunch in a stunning garden setting near the Urubamba River. After lunch we continue on to Willka T’ika, where we will spend the week in an environment with exquisite meditation gardens and views of the Urubamba Mountains.

In the afternoon there will be an introductory meeting to discuss what the coming week holds. We will then have our first workshop, with a meditation to enter the world of Sacred Geometry and how we will combine this with the ancient cultures and the medicine world of San Pedro.

After supper, we have time to relax and enjoy the gardens and the stunning night sky. Weather permitting, we will have a fire ceremony and a tobacco ceremony to help cleanse and prepare us for the week ahead.

Day 2

San Pedro and Sacred Geometry

We will have our first San Pedro ceremony beginning early in the morning. The first part of the ceremony will be focused on traditional Andean medicine practice, to help us get acquainted with the medicine world spirits of San Pedro.

Then we will embark on journeys to connect directly with the basic spirits of Sacred Geometry including the golden mean, platonic solids, flower of life, vesica piscis and the torus. We will explore the nature, symbolism and medicine that each one represents. We will look at what each of these archetypal energies mean in our lives and how they embody different aspects of our bodies and personalities.

Fruits and herbal teas will be available throughout each of the ceremony days, and we will have a delicious vegetarian supper each night.

Day 3

Connecting to the World of Sacred Geometry

Today, we will have our second San Pedro ceremony, where we will begin by discussing yesterday’s experience. We will then introduce the star tetrahedron and Arcangel Metatron and the role they play in Sacred Geometry and in our lives. We will move deeper to the core, our core, and explore the symbolism of the cuboctahedron. There will be ample time during the ceremony to explore these elements of Sacred Geometry.

After deepening our connections with the world of Sacred Geometry, we will have the opportunity to bring this world to life through drawing. Drawing the geometrical patterns can really help you feel and illuminate the experience as a whole.

The closure of the ceremony, if weather permits, will be a walk in the garden to connect with nature, particularly the flowers and trees, to see them as examples of how Sacred Geometry shapes our world and is always around us.

After an amazing vegetarian dinner, we will have time to relax and prepare ourselves for the following day’s excursion.

Day 4

Connecting with Ancient Cultures

We will start today early with our third San Pedro ceremony as we go back in history and call on ancient cultures and cosmologies. This will be a chance to connect with each culture and explore the medicine and Sacred Geometry found within it.

Day 5

Opening the Doors to Further Exloration

We will get up early to greet the day with our fourth San Pedro ceremony.

Today we take a step further and see how Sacred Geometry is integrated in cutting edge Quantum physics and how it is being used nowadays in the modern world.

Day 6

Tying it all together

This morning after a delicious breakfast we will have our closing discussion. The topic will be guided by our experiences so far and questions about the previous six days. We will depart for Cusco at 11 am.

Our Mission & Commitment

Blue Morpho has blended traditional shamanism and shamanic retreats into an all-inclusive tour that offers you a truly unique and life-altering experience in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Blue Morpho’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive space where you can experience personal growth, energetic evolution, and healing through traditional shamanism as part of Blue Morpho’s unique approach to medicine practice and life transformation. This mission has been, and will always be Blue Morpho’s goal.

Your Shamanic Journey of Personal Transformation

Our workshops illuminate the reality of sacred plant medicine shamanism and universal spirituality in a sacred and ceremonial setting. As we journey into Peru’s Sacred Valley, together we hold the intent for spiritual transformation and learning through direct experience during these illuminating days. This will be a time to not only benefit from the shamanism and transformational techniques utilized during the workshop, but to learn how to incorporate them into your life. You will take the knowledge home and gain benefit from implementing what you have learned well after the workshop’s conclusion.

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BMT Cancellation Policy

Payments are refundable if you give Blue Morpho admin at least 60 days’ notice in writing that you will not attend the tour you signed up for. However, there is an administrative cost to cover bank transaction fees of 10% of amount paid. Alternatively, if you cannot attend your tour and have given us the 60 days’ notice, you may transfer your payment to a different tour within the following 12 months at no charge (for the first transfer; any additional transfers can be made with an admin fee of $50). If you elect to transfer your payment, this cannot later be refunded. For this reason we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any financial losses should you have to cancel your visit within 60 days for any reason.