San Pedro Retreats at Willka T’ika Guest House

Blue Morpho’s San Pedro plant medicine retreats share the wisdom of San Pedro in a 5-star retreat setting surrounded by a world-class natural landscape.

Beginning in Cusco and continuing through the Sacred Valley, our San Pedro retreats weave together potent medicine ceremonies with spiritual exploration, ceremonial interaction with nature, musical journeys and a communal ambiance that supports learning, healing and personal growth. We combine our 16+ years of shamanic distinction in traditional methods with innovative approaches that enlist modern shamanic disciplines and universal spiritual wisdom to offer you a genuine space to grow and blossom.

Born out of traditions that come from Peru’s majestic high-altitude Southern landscape, Huachuma is a mountain medicine: big open skies and striking connections with celestial bodies – sun, moon, stars, and beyond. Ceremonies often start in the early morning hours and reflect this celestial connection. There is an open, ascending quality that elevates your spirit into a cosmic dialog with the universe and everything around you. The daytime hours create an atmosphere of a dreamy, waking life, encouraging you to explore and transform what you consider your normal reality.

Guided by gentle and energetic icaros (sacred medicine chants), group discussions and metaphysical exploration, the ceremonies pass the daytime hours in an organic ebb and flow. Collectively we expand and bring wholeness to our consciousness, alleviating the woes, limitations and sufferings as our journey unfolds.

Explore Sacred Sites, Awaken Ancient Wisdom

San Pedro retreats take place in the Sacred Valley and include explorations of Incan and pre-Incan spiritual cultures of the area.

On the days between ceremonies, we head out on day trips to various Sacred Sites around the region, including temples and ruins near UrubambaPisaq, Cusco, and Ollantaytambo. We visit sites that are well-known as well as off the tourist path. As part of our ceremonies at these ancient places, we work with Coca Madre, another sacred plant from this region, to offer blessings, open our awareness and deepen our connections to the spirits of the environment and the local traditions. Our sacred site journeys are woven into the subsequent San Pedro ceremonies, creating a tapestry of spiritual learning, growth, exploration and connection.

San Pedro Retreats Include:

  • Four San Pedro ceremonies (see specific retreats for details)
  • Shamanic sound journeys with crystal medicine bowls, chimes, drums and more
  • Group sharing to help unite and illuminate experiences
  • Group talks on shamanism, mysticism, and personal transformation
  • Shamanic medicine ceremonies with Coca Madre, Tobacco, and Cacao
  • Andean Despacho ceremony with local guides
  • Day trips to ancient sites in the Sacred Valley (see descriptions for specific trips)
  • Entrance fees to the sacred sites
  • Accommodations at a luxury resort surrounded by vibrant gardens
  • High-quality vegetarian food (non-vegetarian options offered on days we eat lunch out)
  • Lunches during day trips at top locations in Peru’s Sacred Valley
  • Fresh herb teas harvested from the garden each day

Upcoming San Pedro Retreats:

Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2018: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive
February 3-9, 2019: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive
February 10-16, 2019: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive

All booking is done through the Blue Morpho International website.

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Natural Beauty for Your Healing Journey

Located at the foot of glacier-topped Andean peaks in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Willka T’ika hosts Blue Morpho’s San Pedro Retreats.

Offering guests an experience of gracious luxury in one of the earth’s most energetically charged, culturally rich settings. Going beyond the international criteria defining an ‘Ecolodge’, sustainable guest rooms reflect the textures and colors of Mother Earth. Spacious yoga studios, cozy meditation cottages, and outdoor and indoor ceremonial areas afford spaces for personal and group activities.

Willka T’ika’s magnificent healing gardens provide an incredible setting for our Huachuma ceremonies. Relax, restore, and receive the powerful energy of the Andes. The one-of-a-kind chakra gardens cover the grounds with lush vibrant foliage, and are connected to each other by enchanting winding stone paths. Each garden is designed to correspond to one of the seven chakras of the human body, and is graced with sacred sculptures and stonework appropriate to the chakra represented.

Many ancient Incan sites are a short distance from the property, making Willka T’ika the perfect base while visiting the Sacred Valley. The retreat includes gourmet vegetarian cuisine, authentic Andean healing arts, and excursions to Machu Picchu and other Incan sites led by select professional guides.

Luxury Accommodations in the Sacred Valley

Willka T’ika’s sustainable guest rooms are made from natural earth materials and adorned with local artwork.

The spacious luxury rooms, designed using feng shui principles, include a seating area and offer mountain and garden views. The cozy garden rooms, recently renovated, are tucked away in charming spots throughout the gardens. The bathrooms are modern and feature pure organic products.

Each room is named for the Andean medicinal plant that grows at its doorstep and has its own unique signature. Expertly crafted, a variety of guest room configurations offer visitors many options to choose from. Guests can request garden views, to be close to the main building, or nestled in the back of the property near the old Lucuma tree.

San Pedro Retreat Accommodations
San Pedro Retreat Accommodations
San Pedro Retreat Accommodations
San Pedro Retreat Center Garden View
San Pedro Retreat Center Yoga Studio
San Pedro Retreat Accommodations

Gourmet Healing Cuisine

The cuisine at Willka T’ika is an exotic fusion of Andean, American, South Asian and African flavors.

Willka T’ika has the only 100% hormone-free and chemical-free gourmet vegetarian hotel kitchen in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The gardens are strictly organic. Three gourmet vegetarian meals are served daily, using high-protein Andean grains and legumes, as well as organic, freshly harvested vegetables and salads grown on-site. We serve our own free-range eggs. Vegan, gluten free, and special dietary requests can be accommodated. Non-vegetarians find the cuisine at Willka T’ika flavorsome, original and delicious.

Start the day with a cup of freshly harvested herbal tea or fresh roasted Quillabamba coffee grown on staff family farms. The buffet breakfast may include homemade muesli using kiwicha and other Andean grains, breads from a local oven, omelets, and sliced fruits and avocados from the subtropical Machu Picchu area. Dinner may include a hearty soup, freshly harvested salad and gourmet vegetarian entrees with steamed vegetables. Meals include quinoa and kiwicha, the grain that gave Inkan warriors strength, or tarwi, an Andean legume containing more protein than red meat.

Gourmet, Healthy Cuisine at Willka T'ika

San Pedro Retreat Booking

All booking for San Pedro Retreats are done at Blue Morpho’s partner organization, Blue Morpho International (BMI). More information on San Pedro retreats can be found at the BMI website, including detailed itineraries, complementary activities offered, meeting and departure times, guide biographies as well as additional photos of the property and retreat experience.

The dates of upcoming San Pedro retreats are included below. Follow the corresponding links to be taken directly to the reservation page for each retreat, or click the booking button to visit Blue Morpho International.

Upcoming San Pedro Retreats:

Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2018: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive
February 3-9, 2019: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive
February 10-16, 2019: 7 Day 4 Ceremony San Pedro Intensive

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