Schizophrenia and Ayahuasca

Phenomenology and Altered States of Consciousness:  A New Framework For Analysis?
Szabo, Horvath, Szummer – Psychologia Hungarica (2015)

Altered consciousness states and endogenous psychoses: A common molecular pathway?
Jorge Ciprian-Olliver and Marcelo G. Cetkovich-Bakmas
Schizophrenia Research (1997)

Ayahoasca: an experimental psychosis that mirrors the transmethylation hypothesis of schizophrenia
Alicia B. Pomilio, Arturo A. Vitale, Jorge Ciprian-Ollivier, et al.
Journal of Ethno-Pharmacology (1999),N-dimethyltryptam.pdf

Ayahuasca and Schizophrenia 
Steve Beyer, Singing to the Plants (2007)


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