Travel Information

This section offers some helpful tips and suggestions for organizing your travel plans to and from Blue Morpho in Peru.

You can find information on flights, hotels, your arrival, the first day of the tour, what to bring, and more. If you have already reserved your workshop, you can also find more travel information in the Journey Guide you received via email.

This is intended for informational purposes only; all final decisions are to be made at your own discretion. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What To Bring

Iquitos and the surrounding area are typical of a tropical jungle climate: hot and wet most of the year.  The average high temperature is around 90ºF (32ºC) and average low is around 70ºF (21 ºC), although it can sometimes get a little chilly in the evenings.  It is also good to have something warm for the ayahuasca ceremonies, as body temperature can fluctuate considerably.  We also supply blankets for ceremonies and you can bring them back to your room afterwards if you are feeling cold. Here are some items you must bring and a few others that are recommended:


Head Lamps – Headlamps  are needed in low light conditions at night. We recommend the Energizer, Petzl, Princeton Tech, or LED headlamps with a red light option. (Red light is less afflicting to the eyes during ceremonies.)

The “Energizer 3 LED Headlight” is a great all-around value for your money as far as simplicity and durability. You can find it in many department stores or on at this URL:

Alarm clock and/or wrist watch – Please bring an alarm clock or wrist watch. This will make sure you don’t miss any important activities throughout the week.

Recommended Items Include:

  • Lightweight pants  – Quick drying
  • Lightweight long sleeved shirts
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt for wearing at night
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • We highly recommend pants/shorts with elastic waists or very simple ties (no buttons or zippers or belts) for use during ceremony, like athletic pants or swim shorts.
  • Bathing suit
  • Hat/Sunscreen
  • Camera and film
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Pen or pencil for filling out immigration forms at the airport
  • Rain poncho or jacket
  • Socks, sandals, and athletic shoes
  • Journal and reading material (Blue Morpho also has a small library of books)


Amazon Ayahuasca

Cusco San Pedro (Huachuma)


Our ayahuasca retreats begin and end in Iquitos, Peru. You are responsible for arranging your flights to and from Iquitos. Please make sure you only book your flights once your space on the retreat is confirmed.

All international flights will fly through Lima, Peru. From Lima, you will take a domestic flight into Iquitos. You will need to arrive in Iquitos at least 1 day before the retreat begins. You are free to book return flights for any time after 12:00 pm on the final day of the retreat.

We recommend checking aggregate flight search sites such as, and; these are useful for comparing multiple airliners and prices.

There are three main domestic carriers in Peru: LATAM, Star Peru, and Peruvian Airlines. You can also get flights in and out of Iquitos with Avianca and Viva Air. If you book with LATAM or Avianca you may be able to get a cheaper ticket all the way to Iquitos from your departure destination; otherwise it is often cheaper to buy one flight into Lima and then buy a separate domestic ticket from Lima to Iquitos. The national carriers Star Peru and Peruvian Airlines are usually cheaper than LATAM, as is Viva Air; however, they have less flight options.

Star Peru:

Viva Air:


  • If you book a flight that leaves before 11:30 am on the final day, you will have to arrange for an early morning taxi to take you to the airport on the last day, at your cost. All normal transportation costs are included for those who leave at the regular departure time of around 8:30 am on the final day of the retreat.
  • Always pick up your bags at the baggage claim in Lima and re-check them at the ticket counter after passing through customs. No matter what the airlines tell you, pick up your luggage at the baggage claim in Lima and re-check them with the appropriate airline! We have had several guests arrive in Iquitos without their luggage because they didn’t pick up their bags in Lima.
  • Make sure that your passport does not expire within 6 months of your departure date. Peruvian immigration may require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after the date you plan on leaving Peru. Please check online at or with your domestic government for information regarding your Peruvian visa requirements.
Please do not book any flights until you have submitted an application and received notification that it has been approved.

Travel Insurance

Please check with your airline, travel correspondent, agent, or other provider for information on obtaining travel insurance. We strongly advise taking out travel insurance at the time of booking that will cover any financial losses incurred should you have to cancel your visit for any reason, or in case of any unforeseen incidents while in Peru. Here are a few websites we recommend for guests who prefer to shop online for travel insurance:


Tour Commencement

On the morning that the workshop begins, we will meet at Blue Morpho’s Office in the city of Iquitos at 8:30 am. Once oriented and all together, we will head out to the retreat center by bus. Transportation from the office to camp and back is included in the workshop price. The hotels mentioned below will all provide airport pickup on request; otherwise you can take a mototaxi from the airport to the city center for around S/.15 (about $6 US).

Please note that you will need to be in Iquitos the evening before the workshop begins at the latest. Morning flights into Iquitos are often delayed or canceled by weather. If you do arrive late or after the buses leave, you will have to arrange for transport directly to the camp via taxi. This typically costs around S./100 ($30). We can help organize a taxi to pick you up from the airport, or you can find one at the airport yourself upon arrival. Please make sure to take a passenger car and not a three-wheeled mototaxi to make the trip to camp.

The Blue Morpho camp address is “Km 52.5 Iquitos-Nauta Rd” (also known as la carretera).

Please contact Blue Morpho via email – – if you won’t be in Iquitos by the evening prior to the tour’s commencement or as soon as you know that you’re going to arrive late. 


Hotels in Iquitos

Be sure to book a hotel for your stay in town before the tour begins. On the day the tour starts, we meet at 8:30 am at Blue Morpho’s Office. You will be fully accommodated for the duration of the retreat at Blue Morpho. Depending on your schedule, you may also need to book a hotel in Iquitos for the night after the tour has ended.

You will need to make your own hotel reservations. There are many hotels and hostels to choose from in Iquitos. Sites like and offer reviews from previous travelers as well as booking options. Below are 3 hotels that we recommend. The best option is to stay at Victoria Regia since this is where we will be dropping guests off on the last morning of the tour:

Victoria Regia Hotel:

Hotel Acosta:

La Casona:


To reserve your spot on a Shamanic Ayahuasca or San Pedro Retreat, book your tour in advance online. 

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