Blue Morpho VIP Private Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreats

The Only Ayahuasca/San Pedro Center With A Dedicated Luxury Lodge for Private Groups

The Blue Morpho VIP Lodge is surrounded by lush, vibrant rainforest nestled on 180 acres of Private Reserve. This perfect location offers an intimate ambiance for your group or personal healing process. We offer total privacy for the person seeking anonymity and peace. You will receive the perfect mix of ayahuasca and/or San Pedro ceremonies, comfort, and amenities in a pristine environment. We understand the paramount importance of protecting your privacy and identity.

Blue Morpho VIP Retreats cater to people from all over the world and from all industries. Our VIP clients are interested in having a private, incredibly transformational process. We specialize in providing this very unique service.

Every part of your experience is customizable. You will be able to choose the duration of your retreat, the numbers of and type(s) of ceremonies, the specific excursions, and which Blue Morpho Shamans will attend.

Blue Morpho VIP Retreat Lodge

Ayahuasca and San Pedro Just For You

During your VIP Retreat, you will have the opportunity to work with Ayahausca or San Pedro or both. Both plants are used in ancient Peruvian healing traditions. During your booking process, Master Shaman Malcolm Rossiter will give you information about these two different plant medicines and will help you formulate the ideal itinerary for your personal transformation.

Making Sure You Are Comfortable

Throughout your stay there will be hot water for tea and coffee available 24/7, along with daily room service, fresh towels, and fresh linens. There is cold bottled water available as well as gourmet “ayahuasca safe” meals. You will find ample locations to rest and relax while surrounded by natural beauty.

Primary structures include

  • Dining Hall and Lounge
  • Ceremonial House
  • Reception and Lounge
  • 6 Private Bungalows
  • Ayahuasca Cook House
  • Yoga and Art Lake House

Blue Morpho VIP Lodge

Your Private Accommodations

Maintaining the rustic appeal of a jungle lodge with the amenities of a hotel, each private bungalow offers 1 king or two full beds, a full bathroom, living room, and hammock lounge. Get some well-earned rest and relaxation. The rooms are serviced daily, with fresh linens and towels provided. Each Bungalow has a metal lock box to keep your valuables safe.

The entire lodge is equipped with hot water showers, sinks, and full-flush toilets. Sleeping quarters have hot water available 24 hours per day. Bathroom facilities are modern and clean with tile floors, and each is well-stocked and cleaned daily throughout your stay.

Exotic Authentic Attractions

Each day there will be an activity offered by professional local guides. Here is a list of what you can experience:
  • Pink dolphin viewing boat trip
  • Jungle walks through the private reserve
  • Itaya River Boat Trip and Piranha Fishing
  • Trip to visit local village of Nauta

Exquisite “Ayahuasca Safe” Meals

All meals are made fresh in a licensed kitchen and served in the dining hall. The menu is a traditional selection of savory, fresh local ingredients prepared by local chefs and staff. A fusion of the regional Peruvian and international cuisine, this includes a variety of salads, fresh vegetables, fish, and chicken dishes.

  • Only high-quality filtered water is used in cooking
  • Hot high-quality filtered water is available in common areas 24 hours a day for you to make your own hot beverages
  • A selection of herbal teas and coffee substitutes are available each day

All food adheres to the restrictions of a safe ayahuasca diet

– No added sugar or available sugar products (jam, etc.)
– No alcohol used in cooking or allowed in camp
– No pork products
– No red meat

Personal nutritional restrictions can be accommodated for, within the boundaries of shamanism and the limits of food variety and availability in Iquitos. This includes ovo-lacto, vegetarian and vegan diets. Please make your specialty diet requests at the time of booking.

Normal meals include the following

Breakfast: A selection of eggs, breads, fresh vegetables, cold cereals, and local juices accompanied by tea and other hot beverages.

Lunch: The largest meal in the jungle, lunch is a combination of salad, fish or chicken, rice, quinoa, beans, plantains or yucca, and potatoes. Beverages include water, tea, and specially-selected local juices. Juices are made fresh from sugar-free fruit (Camu Camu, Cocona and Maracuya), making them safe to consume as part of the ayahuasca diet.

Dinner: On our night off, we will enjoy a meal prepared special for this mid-week break from ceremonies.

Our Mission & Commitment To You

Blue Morpho has blended traditional shamanism and shamanic retreats into an all-inclusive tour that offers you a truly unique and life-altering experience in the heart of the Amazon. Blue Morpho’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive space where you can experience personal growth, energetic evolution, and healing through traditional Amazonian shamanism. This mission has been, and will always be Blue Morpho’s goal. Having already welcomed over 4,000 satisfied guests to the lodge, it’s what drives us forward today.

To reserve a VIP Ayahuasca/San Pedro Retreat, book your retreat in advance by contacting