The Blue Morpho office address is:

#515 Avenida Guardia Civil, Pampachica

The phone numbers:

  • from the USA: 011-51-65 26-3454
  • from Iquitos: 26-3454
  • from elsewhere in Peru: 65 26-3454

The Lodge

Located along the Iquitos-Nauta Highway 52.5 kilometers from the City of Iquitos, Blue Morpho’s Shamanic Center is nestled on a 180 acre private preserve deep in the Amazon jungle surrounded by lush vegetation, medicinal plants, rivers, and vibrant rainforest teeming with wildlife. This pristine, optimum location offers the perfect mix of jungle activities, comfort, and amenities. It is the perfect environment for your Blue Morpho ayahuasca experience.

Blue Morpho’s Office Location

Blue Morpho's Office Location

Blue Morpho’s Shamanic Center Location

Blu Morpho's Shamanic Center Location


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