Your Safety & Comfort

At Blue Morpho, we have created a carefully designed system for your physical and emotional safety and comfort during our retreats. We take great care of our guests and continuously refine our methods so that you have the best possible experience with us. Continue reading below to see all of the different ways that your personal needs are met during your stay at Blue Morpho.

Physical Safety

  • Our entire staff is hand picked and specially trained to handle the unique needs of sacred plant retreats.
  • Our shamans maintain a professional relationship with guests.
  • Private accommodations with steel lock boxes provide a safe location to store valuables.
  • Specially trained sitters (staff members not drinking ayahuasca) attend all ceremonies to provide aid and support to all participants.
  • Our lodges offer the very best accommodations available in the Amazon and Sacred Valley of Peru.
  • We maintain a fully stocked first-aid cabinet, and we employ first-aid certified personnel.
  • Pre-screening for major health conditions of guests ensures a safe and cohesive group dynamic.
  • Lodge fumigation on a government-mandated schedule reduces the risk of dengue fever and malaria.
  • We provide a stable environment in which all alcohol and recreational drugs are banned (any guests who fail to comply with this restriction are asked to leave the retreat to ensure the safety and comfort of the other guests).
  • High-quality filtered water is available 24 hours a day in all bungalows and common areas.
  • Security guards monitor the camp 24 hours a day to maximize safety.
  • Treated water at all showers and sinks ensures safe bathing.
  • Professional, certified local guides lead all jungle hikes and river boat excursions.

Emergency Care

  • Blue Morpho has easy access to hospital care within 90 minutes.
  • There is a local pharmacy at a neighboring village within 10 minutes of our retreat center.
  • Blue Morpho maintains emergency vehicles on site at all times.
  • Blue Morpho has emergency phone reception as well as phone facilities for making outside contact if needed.
  • Our retreat centers are fully equipped with fire-fighting equipment.
  • In case of a fire emergency, Blue Morpho has a government-certified fire-fighting plan in place, including a guest safety zone.

We pride ourselves on having the most luxurious, comfortable, and safe ayahuasca lodge in the Peruvian Amazon!

Pre- and Post-Tour Conveniences

  • We have a professional online reservation service through which all questions and concerns can be addressed within 24 hours.
  • Our easy payment system accepts all major credit, debit, and chip cards.
  • Receive our Sacred Plant Optimization Package that includes everything you need to know to prepare for your retreat.
  • We provide an extensive and detailed eBook Journey Guide that covers travel logistics, what to pack, local attractions, information on the jungle climate and more.
  • We provide post-tour e-mail support.
  • Included with your retreat is a Video Integration Package that offers support and continued learning as you integrate.
  • Our online, private community page helps guests maintain their connection with others who have been through similar Blue Morpho experiences.
  • We offer accommodating tour schedules to allow guests to easily leverage their employer-allotted vacation days.

Personal Comfort

  • We have fully-tiled, warm water showers in each guest bungalow, as well as 2 showers in the ceremonial house and 1 at the lake house.
  • Our facilities also include fully tiled modern bathrooms with  full-flush toilets in each room as well as multiple private toilets in the ceremonial house and other common areas.
  • We have a natural stream-fed lake available for use during your stay, equipped with a wood dock and inflatable rafts for your enjoyment.
  • Each private room has a mosquito net and high quality mattresses and bed sheets, battery-powered lanterns, and ample furniture for organizing your personal items.
  • All bungalows and common areas are fully mosquito proofed.
  • Our main house lounge offers a comfortable common area with rocking chairs and tables, ornamental plants, traditional artwork, and includes a large assortment of reading material on shamanism and spirituality.
  • We have daily room service as well as linen changes throughout your stay.
  • Clean towels are supplied to each guest and changed regularly. Additional fresh towels available upon request.
  • The ceremony house doubles as a hammock lounge for relaxing during the day.
  • With our full laundry service, your clothing is cleaned, dried, folded, and returned to your room at no cost.
  • The Yoga House is available for yoga classes, art projects, dancing, self-expression or meditation during your stay.
  • The extensive Blue Morpho library provides ample nonfiction and fiction reading material to appeal to a variety of reading preferences, including a huge selection on shamanism and spirituality.
  • Rooms are zoned as quiet spaces 24 hours a day.
  • Smoking and non-smoking sections are provided in the ceremonial house as well as other common areas to provide maximum comfort.
  • We offer guided excursions on the local rivers, jungle hikes, dolphin watching, visits to nearby communities and other excursions.

Food and Drink Considerations – In Keeping With Shamanic Guidelines

  • The food at Blue Morpho is prepared fresh on site by government-certified staff in a licensed kitchen.
  • All food adheres to the restrictions of a safe ayahuasca diet:
    • No added sugar or available sugar products (jam, etc.)
    • No alcohol used in cooking or allowed in camp
    • No pork products
    • No red meat
  • Personal nutritional restrictions and diets can be accommodated for, within the boundaries of shamanism:
    • Ovo-lacto
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
  • Only high-quality filtered water is used in cooking and provided as drinking water.
  • Hot high-quality filtered water is available in all common areas 24 hours a day for guests to make their own hot beverages. We provide a selection of herbal teas, coffee substitutes and other hot beverages.

Ayahuasca Preparation and Introductory Talks

  • Guests participate in all aspects and stages of ayahuasca preparation to ensure full understanding of the process.
  • We share about the different medicinal plants involved as well as the details of our shamanic lineage’s special way of making the brew.
  • A detailed Blue Morpho Workbook is issued to each guest. This resource details the camp’s facilities and processes, helps guests make the most of their stay, and is a valuable resource to bring home for reference and continued learning.
  • Group talks are held before the ceremonies begin in order to:
    • Outline camp safety and procedures
    • Explain the process of how a ceremony works
    • Discuss what ayahuasca is, how it works, and what guests may experience

Post-Ceremony Talks

  • We hold group talks on the mornings after our ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • These talks are designed to allow our guests a non-judgmental space in which they can share their experiences, and where the shamans can help the guests understand what they experienced in ceremony the night before.
  • These talks help the guests understand and integrate the work they are doing within the ayahuasca medicine.
  • These talks also open a space in which return guests can share the experiences of how ayahuasca medicine continues to integrate after returning home.

Shamanic Support and Q&A Sessions

  • We hold regular question-and-answer sessions.
  • Times are provided for private one-on-one talks with the shamans.
  • Group question-and-answer sessions are scheduled by the shamans to discuss any aspects of traditional ayahuasca shamanism that guests desire.
  • Universal spirituality and mystical exploration is a unique addition to traditional shamanism at Blue Morpho. We maintain an open space for the exploration of spiritual themes in all traditions. Our regular talks help explain principles of Spirit in ways that are understandable and illuminating. These talks pre-frame the conscious mind to prepare you for the experiential learning that will take place in ayahuasca ceremonies.

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